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Pangea in Love is more than a festival. It is a social and progressive movement which stands for solidarity, humanism, peace, togetherness and diversity. We are all part of humankind and we are all connected. We want to bring the world together and send a clear message of what we stand for. WE ARE GOING TO SYMBOLISE this with a participative performance by sending humanistic and supportive anonymous letters all around the world. 

How much impact we’re going to cause is up to you.

We are collecting random addresses from all over the world, at least one address per country. We are going to prepare the envelopes, and it is up to you to write an anonymous letter to the country and the person of your choice. The content is entirely private, but we want you to share an intimate and emotional expression. The idea is to make the receiver feel reinforced and, in some way, supported and loved.
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La PEtite Troupe d'A COté

- On est PETIT parce qu'on n'est pas grand, et on nous a toujours dit que tout ce qui était petit était mignon; - On est une TROUPE proposant des spectacles d'improvisation divers et variés;
- On est A COTE des autres troupes, pour leur proposer de jouer avec nous de nouvelles choses. Et comme le Luxembourg est un petit pays, on est forcément à coté de toi; En fait, on est surtout des amis qui veulent s'amuser sur scène et le montrer au maximum de gens.




Hi, I'm John Cooper and I'm an expert in the Art of Social.
Since 2010, I've travelled to over 40 countries and transformed the lives of over a thousand men & women - from Senior Naval Officers to Bavarian Royalty to 76 year old virgins. Rather than teaching manipulative techniques or strategies - I guide you to cultivate your own creative intelligence and natural expression. If you follow my advice your life will be more fulfilling than you could ever imagine.




The Luxembourgish artist Mirka Costanzi is preparing something special for this pangea edition. It will be the 4th edition of the "Beichtstull"- theater performance-serie and the second time she is performing on the pangea festival. This time the magical confession-chair will be an exclusive oracal for your bittersweet subconscious : What do you dare to confess and to hear about you? Sister MIRKUSIA will guide you the way!
See you for an exclusive experience




With this active meditation, I invite you to exp-erience a moment of deeper connection with your-self in a playful way. Letting go, releasing stress and tension by first let your body shake and then let yourself move just the way you feel like. We give space to whatever there is inside and surrender to the natural flow of energy. Structured into for diff-erent stages, the KUNDALINI Meditation easily guides you from movement into stillness. A specific music especially composed for this meditation will support you in this process and help you dropping into the present moment.


Bring your own Yogamatt & Meditationcussion.




Indische philosophische Lehre, die durch Meditation, Askese und bestimmte körperliche Übungen den Menschen vom Gebundensein an die Last der Körperlichkeit befreien will.




Bass du genau esou en mega LEGO-Fan wéi ech, a kanns du och stonnelaaaaaang bauen a spillen esou wéi ech, a mëss du dat am Léifsten och zesumme mat denge Frënn esou wéi ech?!
Wann jo, da bass du genau dee Richtege fir eis Pangea-OGEL-Missioun: zesummen wëllen mir eis lddien a Virstellungen zum Pangea kreéieren, entwerfen a bauen. Stänneg wäert et änneren an sech weiderentwéckelen. Mir kënne spillen, diskutéieren, Geschichten erfannen, a Rolle schlüpfen an eis richteg gutt amuséieren (an deene Groussen vlaicht nach e puer Tipps ginn :-).
Dofir brengen ech mäin LEGO vun doheem mat an deelen dee ganz gäre mat dir um Site, awer natierlech kanns du dåin och vun doheem matbréngen, da gëtt alles nach méi grouss a méi spannend. Ech freeë mech drop mat dir kënne cool Saachen ze bauen. Bis geschwënn Shane an Sky.


The most sexy person of Pangea 2019

After more then 10 years of this alternative Festival, there always were pretenders who proclaimed to be the MOST SEXY PERSON OF PANGEA. We did take these people seriously and decided to make a competition to see if they really deserve this nomination. Please fill out this form and tell us why you deserve this title. The winner will be decorated and celebrated on Sunday 16:30. The prize has to be kept secret, as we know that certainly everybody would apply for the competition. Good Luck to all the sexy people out there. As it is not about the looks, you don't even have to send us a picture, just tell us why you are the sexiest person of Pangea! But it would certainly be an advantage if you would send your picture in addition to this form on

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