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MUSIC 2023

Friday, 11 August


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Main stage  |  19.30 – 20.15

Luxembourgish Folk

Formed in 2013 to play on the first edition of the Kolla Festival in Steinfort, we, the Halunken kept on playing for the following years on different stages and festivals through the country (Flying Dutchman, Last Summer Dance, Rock de Schleek, Little Woodstock Café, Brandbau Wiltz and many more). Being 7 souls to populate the stage in different constellations, it is always a collective happening to play our songs in Luxembourgish, German, English and French and cover bands like Matthew & The Atlas, Dullemajik, Beirut, Noir Désir or Moriarty.

Main stage  |  21.00 – 22.00 

Cookie Jar Complot
Instrumental indie

The Cookie Jar Complot is an instrumental post to math rock band from Luxembourg. Composed of the songwriting duo Sven Schmeler and Gilles Glesener, the band has been active since 2020. In December 2021, the duo released their first EP CAVIAR CAPITAL. Their music is flowing in dynamic rhythms, post-rock soundscapes and intertwined guitar melodies. Drawing from a rich palette of influences, The Cookie Jar Complot also looked to other Luxembourgish acts to find their musical voices.

Main stage  |  22.30 – 23.30

Fred Barreto Group
Blues Rock

The furious Brazilian guitarist, Fred Barreto, is one of a kind! He belongs to those musicians who are recognizable straight away from the first notes played by his guitar.


His huge sound doesn't leave his audience indifferent. And his ability to connecting directly to the listeners never ceases to impress Blues-Rock fans. Barreto means serious when it comes to play solid Rock or raw Blues. No need to try finding similarities with other guitar players, Fred Barreto  is an accomplished guitarist and does his own « thing » with great talent,

virtuosity and soul.

Main stage  |  00.00 – 01.00

Death Metal

Scarred is a death metal band from Luxembourg formed in 2003. Initially they started out as a thrash metal project which released an E.P. called “Inner Scars” in 2004. However, through the years and after various line-up changes, they evolved towards a heavier and more brutal sound. In 2009 their first full-length album “New Filth Order” was released. Since then, Scarred has performed alongside many great artists and on major stages such as Wacken Open Air and Metalcamp. Due to many different influences, Scarred’s precise genre is hard to define and should be discovered.

Main stage  |  01.30  - 02.30


Hallimasch is a Beer-Punk band from the North of Luxembourg.

Founded almost a decade ago, their influences and sound reach from ratty and classic 3-chord punk rock, to more modern hardcore sounds with even a breakdown here and there.

Their music aswell as their vocals will put you into a mood that is best described as angerly motivated, yet slightly drunk, partying Anti-fascist…but to really understand, you need to witness it.


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inTENTse stage  |  20.00  - 21.30

DJ Daniel

Musik inspireiert un Naturklaeng esou wei eng Phanatstech Rees an sech selwa begleed vun Instrumentalen Melodien

inTENTse stage  |  21.45  - 23.15

DJ Tønmacher

Tonmacher is a young producer and DJ in the Luxembourgish electronic music scene. At an early age, he started playing with the mixer and discovered his passion for music. Today, he is known for his deep and tech-house, as well as techno. Incorporating many oriental sounds, nature sounds and beautiful melodies. For a while, he was a resident DJ at the Flying Dutchman and co-founder of projects like Out of Gravity and New Rebellion. In addition to his gigs in Luxembourg, he has also made a name for himself in Germany.

inTENTse stage  |  23.30 - 01.00

Dr. Gonzo

Join the doctor on a journey into ska, hardreggae, rocksteady, punk and Oi!
From Judge Dread to Rancid and back...dr.gonzo will bring the skank and the shuffle to Pangea. Roll up your jeans, put on our boots & braces, and get ready for Ska!

inTENTse stage  |  01.15  - 02.45

Packo Gualandris

Packo Gualandris is one of the most successful electronic music exports from Luxembourg, Europe. Spinning records since 1999, he is renowned for his high quality Tech-House, Progressive House & Techno sets that guarantee the transformation of the crowd into a wildly energetic dancing bundle, Europe-wide!

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