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Our Bands




Filiband, créé en 2011 est un groupe franco-belgo-luxembourgeois. La musique de Filiband est un mix de Reggae, Worldmusic et hiphhop. Les chansons sont rythmiques, accompagnées d’instruments africaines comme le Djembè et la Kora. Le groupe est nommé d’après son leader, Fili. Le nouvel album appelé “Souffrances” est sorti en décembre 2017. Les textes parlent de la guerre, de l’injustice et de l’amour que subit la population de son pays d’origine, de l’Afrique et du monde entier.



 GENRE: Metal rock

Cosmogon was founded back in 2011 out of the ashes of the legendary Luxemburgish bands ex-inferis and Abstract Rapture.


Cosmogon is the answer to a strong belief in and a perennial need for pure handmade Rock and Metal where the influences reach from Doom over Punk to Metal, taking their influences from bands such as Black Sabbath, St. Vitus, Pantera, Mastodon, Entombed, Trap Them, Satyricon and Lamb of God just to name a few. 




Am Ufank waren dräi Kollegen, di all puer Wochen zesummen wollten Blues an der Gaass spillen. Matt der Zäit ass dorauser éng richteg Band gin, déi gudd zesummengegroovt huet, an no éngem spontanen Optrëtt bei éngem Concert war op eemol en zweeten Guitarist, den Régis, dobäi. D'Gaasserockbluesband spillt Bluesrock op Englesch an op Lëtzebuergesch, mee fir den Optrëtt am Inouï ass en réng lëtzebuerger Programm matt Eegenkompositiounen geplangt: vill Guitaren an witzeg Texter, sou wi eis de Schniewel gewuess ass.



 GENRE: Progressive Rock

Electric Orange ist eine deutsche Rockband aus Aachen. 1992 gründete Dirk Jan Müller die Band. Zu Beginn trat er meist mit Gastmusikern auf. Eine feste Besetzung entstand erst später. Zwischen 1996 und 1999 veröffentlichten Müller und Sänger Dirk Bittner die Nebenprojekte „Bloop“ und „Chair5“. Die Aufnahmen für die Alben entstanden meist auf Sessions und wurden später im Studio bearbeitet. Alle Alben ab 2001 wurden von Eroc, Mitglied der Band Grobschnitt, gemastert.



 GENRE: reggae/punk/ska

For over 15 years, the Disliked have been one of Luxemburg’s greatest live exports. Their explosive mix of genre-bending music, makes you feel good and enjoy the present moment. At home on every stage from the south of France to the deep east of Germany, their energy and joy for danceable beats just hit you straight.

Their early punk days were followed by a ska episode, which led to today’s blend, driven by reggae beats, dirty horns and rocking guitars.



 GENRE: HiP Hop/Rap

«Nëmmen ëm d’Gefill»

«Rhetoresch arméiert bis op d’Zänn» huet de LeDé Milestone sech seit leschtem Joër zu Lëtzebuerg mat engem Museksgenre festgebass, deen als Dancehall /Rap-Hybrid bezeechent gëtt an d‘lëtzebuerger Sprooch esou mat modernem an innovativem Sound kombinéiert. Dëst ass awer net den eenzege Kontrast, deen een am „Delta“ erëmfënnt: Tëschent der Schoul an dem Studio mécht de Beruffsschoulmeeschter e permanente Spagat tëschent op den éischte Bléck kontroversen Elementer, wat sech och op sengem neien Album erëmspigelt.




The musical style of the band can be described as combining elements of classical 70’s Rock with modern musical elements, by using the instrumentation of a rock band, consisting in guitar, bass guitar, drums and vocals. As we don’t like classifying our music to several genres, we prefer to leave that decision to our audience’s hands and… ears! Enjoy!



 GENRE: alternative rock

DRIFE are a 7-piece rock band from the north of Luxembourg formed in 2018. Initially started as a jam session and song covering project, they soon felt the need to write their own music resulting in a number of first songs like “Off We Go”, “Leave It All Behind” and “Don’t You Know”. The musical style can be widely described as Alternative Rock or Brit Rock, but the sound ranges from a massive wall of sound, created by up to 3 electric guitars, to more acoustic songs. All of them are enriched by a violin being part of the permanent cast of the band, which is rather unusual in rock music.



 GENRE: Vintage Rock

Deeply in love to the sound of the British and American bands of a legendary era, where it all began, inventing and revolutionizing history of music forever and keeping itself alive through generations. 


Mark Uncle Band express its love for music with a deep research of emotions, melodies and atmospheres that are since part of existence, never trying to tease the audience with a easy chorus but surrounding them with unusual sound full of melody.



 GENRE: Reggae/Dub/Ska

Ska, 2 Tone, Roots, Ragga, Dancehall, Dub with some escapes into Balkan, Worldmusic, Punkreggae & Mashup's give their set a unique flair of diversity. They played nearly all the known alternative bars in Luxembourg, have a residency at Luxembourg's most known alternative club The Flying Dutchman in Beaufort and in the last two years they were performing on Festivals in Germany, Czech Republic and Luxembourg.



 GENRE: psychedelic pop

Jamhed from Stuttgart have the reputation as absolute insiders, far beyond their local area. Inspired by Velvet Underground, the Beatles, the Doors and Franz Schubert, they amaze the public with authentic vintage Sounds combined with stunning modern Rock riffs in a dramatic changing Dynamics.




The band started out as a musical pair: Irina and Kim met in 2009 and soon after their first little concerts in numerous Cafés in Luxembourg’s Minett region they recorded a sweet little record, in the privacy of their apartment. Over time they realized that it would be more fun and artistically challenging to have other musicians join the musical adventure. Since then, the musical family has grown and the band IRINA has become a band of many talents.




It’s with ingenuity, passion and a contagious energy both powerful and delicate that Kid Colling embodies the world of modern blues rock: a mix of blues rock enriched with jazzy harmonies and a groovy rhythm. Influenced by guitarists such as BB King, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Larry Carlton or Robben Ford, Colling expresses the “Roots” by the warmth and the generosity of his sound and guitar play – not without adding a jazzy touch that livens up his performance. It’s his creative approach to music as well as the groove and the catchy melodies that make him get noticed in the world of blues rock.



 GENRE: Singer/Songwriter

Rozeen is the musical project of Zofia Branicka, a Luxembourgish singer-songwriter and pianist of Polish origins. She started developing her musical identity upon completing her musicology, sound & music creation and songwriting studies.


Rozeen's musical style is mainly pop, with folk, rock and soul elements. Having studied classical music for most of her life, it also contains classical elements.



 GENRE: nostalgic indie folk

The Tame and the Wild is a nostalgic indie pop band around the singer-songwriter duo Seja & Flëpp. Its music drives with vocals exploring human emotions among the natural world, sea and stars, youth and age, resiliency and love, boldness and resignation, honesty and memory. The songs urge one to touch those personal situations that are set in and often so tightly bound to nature. The Tame and the Wild see their influences in the sounds of bands such as Daughter, Sóley, Kodaline or Feist.




Since 2005 we've released some records, seen a few drummers come and go, played a hell of a lot of shows and toured Eastern Europe, Russia and the UK twice. We try to be honest and true to ourselves and everyone else and sometimes succeed and sometimes fail miserably. We're always broke because we put everything we got into this band. The name means absolutely nothing.



 GENRE: Blues rock

Rock Class ist nicht einfach nur eine Rock Band, sondern eine Band die mit ihrer eigenen Musik und ihren eigenen Ideen den Durchbruch schaffen will. Den Jungs ist kein Weg zu weit und kein Club zu klein. Mit absoluter Stilsicherheit präsentieren sie ihre Songs auf eigene Art und weise. Stilistisch geht es zurück in die 60ér und 70ér aber auch Einflüsse der heutigen Zeit sind in der Musik wieder zu finden.



 GENRE: folk traditional

Mongolian folk at its absolute best. Delehei plays 8 instruments, most of them traditional. Think throat singing, heart pounding, horses running, standing in the middle of the Mongolian plains steeling yourself as you prepare to break a wild pony.

The pony will not be broken.



 GENRE: Electronic music

Electronic music to float into the layers of the universe.

Some hate it, because they say it’s dumb Techno, IT”S NOT.

Some like it, because it makes you travel, IT DOES. Some chill to it, because it is relaxing, IT IS.

Some dance to it, because it vibrates, IT DOES. Some talk, invent and initiate, because it is inspiring, IT IS. Open up, enjoy, move, listen, talk, meditate and don’t forget to look at the stars whilst listening!





 GENRE: folk music

Formed in 2013 to play on the first edition of the Kolla Festival in Steinfort, we, the Halunken kept on playing for two more years on different stages through the country (Flying Dutchman, Last Summer Dance, Rock de Schleek, Little Woodstock). 

Being 9 souls to populate the stage in different constellations, it had always been a collective happening to play our songs and covers from bands like Matthew & The Atlas, Dullemajik, Beirut, Noir Désir or Moriarty.



 GENRE: LUX. folk music

No enger klassescher Piano-Ausbildung a senger Jugend huet den Daniel 2014 ugefaangen ëffentlech opzetrieden, virun allem mat Hannergrond-Pianosmusek, sief et am Choco, an aner Caféen, Restaurante, op Chrëschtfeieren, Gebuertsdeeg, Hochzäiten a Lëtzebuerger Owender.
Nieft bekannte Melodien aus Klassik, Pop-, Rock- a Filmmusek huet hien sech op Lëtzebuerger Volleks- a Studentelidder spezialiséiert, déi hien wäert um PANGEA in LOVE spillen fir matzesangen. Fir garantéiert Textsécherheet luet Iech d’ACEL Lidderbuch am appstore erof !

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